Health and Well-Being Events

The Peak of Work and Life event is led by Alan Little. Participants engage in several tasks and consider several factors that impact on their performance in work and personal health and wellbeing. The event examines how five key areas can significantly improve areas of performance and personal satisfaction.

Participants receive data on personal well being which provides the basis from which to develop knowledge behind performance optimisation of individuals and teams. Whilst the event focuses upon undertaking a personal journey the event aims to set about change that benefits all within the organisation. We introduce participants to facts that develop greater awareness of their health and well-being and with their ability to improve performance and satisfaction.

Simple and readily available techniques are used to gather data that provides significant insight into health indicators, stress levels and sustainability.

Participants review their own results and identify areas within their work and life for which to set goals. The event develops a unique personal understanding of how health and wellbeing has a direct relationship to business performance and satisfaction. All participants take away information that is based on accurate data and self determined goals to ensure learning is captured and results secured.

· Baseline Health and Data

· Mindset and Stress

· Prioritisation

· Food and Rest

· Action

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